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Six-Month Smiles®
Dr. Zhichun (April) Yu, DDS - San Francisco

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The Six-Month Smiles® technique utilizes the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to quickly and safely straighten your teeth with clear adult braces. Unlike Invisalign®, Six-Month Smiles® is better suited for patients who require less dramatic change.

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Common Questions about Six-Month Smiles

How does this approach differ from traditional braces?

The major difference is that Six-Month Smiles® is not meant to alter your bite significantly, but instead, makes the visible teeth in your smile more attractive. Therefore, I emphasize correcting cosmetic aspects of your teeth rather than the position of your bite. Unlike traditional metal braces, these are clear and barely visible, so far less obvious. However, as with traditional braces, I require you to wear a retainer when treatment is complete to protect the investment in your lovely new smile.

What’s the difference between Six-Month Smiles® and Invisalign?

While both treatment options are cosmetically-driven, there are three main differences between Six-Month Smiles and Invisalign:

  1. Six-Month Smiles® uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets, whereas Invisalign uses clear plastic trays.
  2. In terms of speed, Six-Month Smiles® is usually faster than Invisalign because it still uses wires and brackets, and it focuses mainly on the front teeth.
  3. Six-Month Smiles® is usually more affordable than a full Invisalign case. However, it still depends on each individual case.

How much does Six-Month Smiles® cost?

Six-Month Smiles® are usually cheaper than traditional braces. However, the exact cost will depend on the complexity of each patient’s case.

Does every patient take only six months to treat?

Not all cases take the same amount of time front start to finish. On average, it takes six months to complete a case. For simpler cases, it can take as little as three months. On the other hand, more complicated cases may take more than six months.

Do Six-Month Smiles® hurt?

No, Six-Month Smiles® treatment does not hurt. Some people may experience some pressure or soreness in their gums due to teeth movement, just like they would in any other type of orthodontic treatment, but patients do not report 'pain'.

Who is a good candidate for Six-Month Smiles®?

Six-Month Smiles® is an ideal treatment for people age 16 and older with crooked or spaced teeth who are not looking for a major alteration to their bite. In fact, any adult with minor smile issues is a potential candidate for Six-Month Smiles®.

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