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Teeth Whitening in San Francisco

We offer top-of-the-line Dash Whitening services to our Bay Area patients. After thorough research and evaluation, we decided Dash is the highest quality, safest solution for our patients. We offer whitening as a singular visit or as part of your annual cleaning, or part of a comprehensive smile makeover.

There are a lot of whitening options on the market today, but getting it done at our office is one of the safest options. We understand your teeth, your oral health, and the chemicals involved, and we’re qualified to deliver excellent, personalized care.

In just one two-hour visit, we can give you a bright, beautiful smile. At the end of your visit, we’ll finish your whitening with the only FDA-cleared sensitivity management product, Relief ACP, to make sure you go home without pain. If you have any questions at all about whitening, how it works, who it’s good for, or how much it costs, give our office a call! We’re happy to discuss details with you.

Stained teeth are usually associated with aging and old age. As a result, people with stained teeth usually appear to be older. Teeth whitening is an easy procedure that can brighten your smile and take years off your appearance.

How is it done?

Once you decide to have the bleaching procedure, an assistant will simply take an impression of your teeth. In just one or two days, you can return to our office to pick up your custom-made bleaching trays. During that appointment we will provide you with our professional whitening gel and discuss the whitening instructions. By wearing the trays for only a few hours each day, our special bleaching agent dissolves stains on your enamel without modifying your tooth structure or any existing dental work. Once you are satisfied with the shade of your teeth, only occasional touch-ups with the whitening gel is necessary to sustain your beautiful smile.

Teeth staining can be caused by aging, chemical damage, or simply consuming dark-colored food and drink such as red wine, ketchup, or soy sauce. By using the newest technology and most advanced product, you now have a safe method to regain your youthful smile. Teeth bleaching lightens the shade of your teeth to create a brilliant smile. In cases where teeth are extremely discolored, porcelain veneers or crowns may be the only remedy. However, since teeth bleaching involves relatively low cost, it’s almost always worthy a try.